Checkers Little Shop Day 3

Today’s #checkerslittleshop post is about a visual schedule. Check out all the details on my facebook page. Download your free schedule here: FREE HYGIENE VISUAL SCHEDULE (The schedule includes a block for ‘washing hair’ in case you want to add it. Use the ‘head and shoulders’ miniature item there)

Checkers Little Shop Day 2

Today’s #checkerslittleshop post is about Categorization. You can check it all out on my facebook account. Download your free categorization page here: FREE CATEGORIZATION PAGE Please share the post! Thanks!  

AAC Story Units: Going to the zoo (Symbolstix)

I’m so excited to launch a new product range called “AAC Story Units.” I have just uploaded the first product in this range, called “Going to the zoo.” There are going to be lots of similar products in this range, so this is the first of many. You can WATCH MY VIDEO DEMONSTRATION HERE. This interactive […]

10 reasons why I love AAC

  I am a huge believer in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). I have been using AAC for quite some time, but I felt I needed to know more. This year I enrolled in an AAC masters degree and I’m loving it! Here are 10 reasons why I love AAC so much: 1. Everybody has […]

Welcome to my blog

I’m so excited to be writing this! Welcome to Speech4Africa. It has been a dream of mine to have this blog for quite some time now. My dream has come true! Please come and visit me regularly to read about my therapy ideas, products that I create and lots more speech & language related stuff. […]