About me

Nicola Sowah

Hi! I’m Nicola Sowah. I am a Speech-Language Therapist in private practice in Pretoria, South Africa. I completed my honours degree in Speech-Language Therapy and Audiology at the University of Pretoria in 2008. Audiology is just not in my nature, and I have chosen to practice as a Speech-Language Therapist only. I’m a HUGE fan of AAC and recently graduated with MA AAC (Masters degree in Augmentative and Alternative Communication) at the University of Pretoria.

I started my own practice in November 2010, and my rooms are part of the Faerie Glen Practice. We are a bunch of professionals all working independently, but functioning under one roof to create a multi-disciplinary practice. Currently we offer Speech-Language Therapy, Play Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Music Therapy. My practice, Nicola Sowah: Speech-Language Therapists, currently consists of three therapists: Me, Karen Bester and Bianca Erasmus. I provide services in English, and Karen and Bianca provide services in English and Afrikaans.


My special interests are Language Delays and Autism, but I enjoy seeing patients with a large variety of difficulties. These include: Patients in need of AAC, Stuttering, Cluttering, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Articulation, Phonological Processes, Second Language Learners, Reading and Spelling, Auditory Processing and other social communication difficulties.

Involving the family in the intervention process is so important, and I love working with families for the benefit of the patient. I also believe that it’s very important to incorporate the patient’s likes and dislikes in intervention planning. Every patient is different, and I feel that we should never forget this and always try to plan around it. If you can create intrinsic motivation in the patient to succeed, the job is half way done!

I am a big fan of technology, and I often incorporate the iPad into the intervention process. I also enjoy creating my own therapy materials and thinking of fun and dynamic activities to use in my sessions. As you can see by my blog colours and my logo – I love PURPLE! Purple makes me happy!

I have created Speech4Africa as a means of sharing my therapy ideas, materials and experiences with people all over the world. Technology has made our world so much smaller, and I would like to welcome you into my little “Speech-Language Therapy life” here in South Africa.